Saturday, 3 December 2016

Friday, 2 December 2016

Don Galloway Is Faster Than You*

I met Canadian Don Galloway when I was banging bars with him at Santa Rosa while we were racing Roland Sands' Indian Scout Superhooligans.

Dan was also racing his neat 'little' Panther Honda (not this one, another one...). I'd noticed him the night before kicking everyone's ass. I was so impressed and intrigued by his bike I had Preston Burroughs shoot it there and then for Sideburn 27.

Not too long after that race, Don competed in Florida and Georgia (he lives in Canada, remember, 6.5 hours drive north of the US border) and cleared up. Read about him and his giant-killing, big-bore Honda XL350 in Sideburn 27.
This is what happens when another rider's foot peg gets in your front spokes.
The amount of fuel an XL480 consumes in 4 laps of a 1/2 mile. 

 * probably

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Help Hubert Win!

Sideburn ambassador and Dirt Quake hero, Hubert Bastie has been included in a photo comp run by 100% goggles, with this photo.

Perhaps you're sick of being asked to vote for strangely-coloured people, but if you're on facebook, please give him your support. Not sure what he'll win, but he doesn't win very often so it would be appreciated.

Here's the link. G

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kocinski's Wood Rotax

Is this the prettiest Wood Rotax ever? So beautifully put together. The exhaust has that unusual run, along the right hand lower frame rail, because this is one of Ron Wood's monoshocks with the RSU under the engine, early-Buell -style.

It belongs to former 250 grand prix world champion and multiple 500 GP racewinner, John Kocinski. He holds a couple of outright lap records on short tracks, set within the last few years, not in his racing heyday.

I interviewed him at Pomona a while ago, for a major motorcycle title who made a clichéd dog's dinner of it and I was embarrassed at the outcome. Maybe it's time to put it in Sideburn and make it sing... G

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Redmax HBC Indian Scout

 This in from Steve Redmax...

HBC Motorcycles in Nottingham commissioned the build from us and did the paint at the end. There is a dealer comp going for Scout specials and they will all be displayed at the NEC next week . It has a Trask pipe 2 into 1 ceramic black . All the fabrication done in house at Redmax mainly by Glenn who also did the seat pad. 

We made a Dummy Alloy C&J-style XR tank shell from one of our tanks and XR alloy seat unit (both Redmax products). Under seat is a new subframe relocating the shocks to a more upright position and containing the actual fuel tank. Seat dzus fastens on and uncovers the fuel cap under the hump. Redmax alloy race numberboards front n sides and Tarrozi rearsets fitted on Redmax hangers that re-located the foot pegs back to a useable position and mount brake reservoirs at same time ... 

Redmax Flanders style black bars changed the look straight away , but the 19" spoked wheels really made a difference as i had 'reservations' about the fat standard ones. She flies straight as an arrow now ! We really like how the bike rides, very streetable and the motor has plenty of poke and revs away below, while the revised seating position make it able the hustle in the bends very well . We like it and feel it's a real feather in our cap to have made one so early on .... excuse all the puns mate , but we did enjoy this one!

There are more work in progress photos and videos here

Sunday, 27 November 2016

New DTRA Magazine

The Dirt Track Riders Association, the UK's amateur flat track race series has done a great job of building on the foundations of what Short Track had built up. The UK scene is now over ten year's old and is growing year on year with their attitude and innovation.

Part of that innovation is a free digital magazine. Go to DTRA Magazine 6 to read the 117-page magazine (I know, 117, but that's digital for you, you can break the rules). G

Saturday, 26 November 2016


Yeah, off-topic... Motorbikes back tomorrow.

For some reason I woke up with this song in my head and I've been barking 'Bernadette!' all day. I don't even know anyone called Bernadette. I had to search it out when I got back from the track.

Lead singer, Levi Stubbs is 30-31 in this 1967 performance. Motown was a production line of bands, singing songs written and chosen for the bands, but The Four Tops, four men, make the endless merry-go-round of boy bands served up a pop now look a substantial as post-pubescent holograms.

Watch the short dance break at 1:48. If that isn't the dance of a man so full of confidence, a man used to beating away admiring women (and maybe men) with a shitty stick, I don't know what is. Stubbs had been married for seven years at this point, and would have five children with his wife in their married life.

Stubbs was encouraged to follow other Motown lead singers by taking top billing (like Smokey Robinson and  the Miracles, Diana Ross and the Supremes...), but wouldn't, so the band remained The Four Tops forever. What a man.

If you enjoyed this, then you'll probably like Martha Reeves and the Vandellas on the brand new Mustang production line too. G

Friday, 25 November 2016

Sideburn 27 - Pre-Order

Sideburn 27 is due to arrive from the printer one week today, so we're taking pre-orders now.
We've done two alternative covers. Subscribers will be sent the Indian FTR750 cover.


Subscribers: this is a good time to let us know if you've changed addresses. If you don't let us know before 9am GMT on December 1, they will be sent to the address we currently have on record.

There are so many great reads in this issue, tons of words. Good words. We know all the best words. This isn't the kind of magazine that puts a few phone snaps and 85 txt msge wrds and calls it a feature. We slog our guts out and travel all over the world to research this stuff.

COVER STAR: 1. Joe Kopp and the Indian FTR750 2. Joe Motocross
BIKES: Indian FTR750; Road-legal grasstracker; Ducati 749 street tracker; Panther-framed Honda XL350; BSA 250 framer
EVENTS: Dirt Quake Harley race 
HOW TO: Win a title as a one-man band with Alan Birtwistle
PEOPLE: Bryan Smith; American Flat Track boss, Michael Lock; Joe Motocross and Charlie Brown; Skip Aksland
PORTFOLIO: The art of Lorenzo Eroticolor
ADVENTURE: the Mexican 1000 on a Triumph T120; wasteland ruling on a Royal Enfield


We are offering 4-issue subs with a free Sideburn x Holy Freedom neck tube (RRP £18.50)

We also have 8-issue subs with a free Spark Eagle T-shirt (as worn by Guy Martin in China on the telly)

Or simply buy Sideburn 27 for £6 plus postage. What's that? A couple of service station coffees? Support the independents.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sideburn in the Sahara

Last month, Sideburn undertook its second sold out Desert and Mountain Tour of Morocco with 12 adventurous readers in partnership with MotoAventures.

We are planning to run the tour again from 13-19 March 2017 (to try avoid the biblical rain storms). We have 10 now just 7 places.

It was a tough tour. Some riders got broken, others exhausted, while many just smiled the whole way through. One day it was boiling, the next we were riding through a blinding sandstorm for 30 minutes, then the final day served up flashfloods.

We had riders from the UK, Kuwait, Australia and the USA and it was an unforgettable experience for all.

Read Andy Baker's no-punches-pulled report from the 2016 tour on the new Sideburn website's STORIES page.

The price for 2017 is €1950. For this you get...
  • Seven night's accommodation, six in hotels, kasbahs and riads that range from good to exceptional plus one night in a desert bivouac
  • Five full days riding, 95% off-road
  • Rental of a late model, very well maintained KTM 450 EXC
  • Breakfast and evening meals and most lunch meals, plus drinks and snacks
  • Full technical support from MotoAventures, a company that's been running off-road tours for 20 years
  • Transfers from Marrakech to Ourzazate, the start and end point of the riding
  • Use of a personal Garmin with an (almost) foolproof route so you don't have to follow a leader, you can ride at your own pace
  • A whole week of riding and hanging out with Sideburn readers on the same wavelength as you
What isn't included: Flights to and from Marrakech; drinks with evening meals and any alcohol; Damage to bikes (limited to a maximum of €750 - 2016 figure, 2017 figure not confirmed); meal on last night in Marrakech; food on transfers to and from Marrakech; personal accident insurance with repatriation cover - this is essential.

For more info or for details on how to pay a deposit, email us at sideburnmag @

NOTE: This is a hardcore off-road trip not to be taken lightly. We had two riders with limited experienced of off-road riding, but who'd both done the Sideburn Himalayan tour with no problem. One of the riders survived, the other broke his wrist on day two. Although I'm a dirt tracker, I don't have a lot of trail riding experience (or skill). I find this tour tough, but rewarding.  G

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

One-Off Wednesday

Forget Black Friday, this is One-Off Wednesday.
On offer to the blog faithful this week are top quality, heavyweight zip-up hooded sweats.

Black with White print.
Original logo across the front. 99% Dirt print inside hood.

Navy with Orange print.
Original logo across the front. 99% Dirt print inside hood.

Screenprinted in England on an 'ethical' Fair Wear Foundation-approved garment.

Was £30 now £22 (plus post).